HHB115 Slanted Crown Block
HHB115 Slanted Crown Block
HHB115 Slanted Crown Block

Highland Hat Blocks

HHB115 Slanted Crown Block

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HHB115 Slanted Crown Block 6" highest point down to 5" lowest point.

Pic 2 This was design was by Janelle from Mount Barker, South Australia, stunning design using our blocks Crown HHB115 & Brim HHB152   by carefully pressing in a certain way has given this brim a fabulous unique style and finished off in a stunning striped trim.

Janelle has been sewing since she was 12 now retired decided millinery would be an obvious extension to dressmaking and another creative challenge. She began learning 2 years ago and is truly smitten. 

Find Janelle on her Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Pic 3 Featuring a very talented milliner Jason Murillo based in NY & LA.
Jason's takes our blocks to whole new limit creating exciting designs in fabulous materials and adding his own special touches to each piece, in the design of the blocking and the trimmings. 
This piece is a fabulous quirky Top Hat blocked using crown block HHB115 each design is handmade to the highest standard, to view Jason's designs take a look on his instagram page or dm him to arrange a visit to his studio.