HHB149 Upturned Brim Block 12" Dia
HHB149 Upturned Brim Block 12" Dia
HHB149 Upturned Brim Block 12" Dia

Highland Hat Blocks

HHB149 Upturned Brim Block 12" Dia

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HHB149 Up turned Brim Block approx diameter 12"

Please note most of our blocks can be created in any size so please ask if you would prefer a specific dimension and we will quote accordingly. 

Pic 2 A creation from Hazel herself formerly Hazel's Hats Millinery

Pic 3   Another milliner who has used our blocks to create designs, Iliana of Ili Hats  is fairly new to millinery, based in Northumberland she found the art of Millinery around a year ago, visiting workshops and learning online. Already she has scooped 4th place in the second Lincoln International Millinery Competition and recently 2nd place in the annual HaTalk e-magazine 2020

Iliana is looking to take her hobby to the next level creating wonderful designs, her inspiration comes from her love of nature, from the colours, shapes and patterns creating fabulous bespoke designs.

This shows her two designs a fabulous hat which has been blocked using our brim block and our crown  HHB131. Her second creation using the dome block but Iliana has created an innovative Bandeau design both creations look amazing in their contrasting colours. 

You can view her designs on her  Instagram  Facebook pages and in her nu Monday shop