HHB372 Fedora Brim Block 4" Brim width
HHB372 Fedora Brim Block 4" Brim width
HHB372 Fedora Brim Block 4" Brim width

Highland Hat Blocks

HHB372 Fedora Brim Block 4" Brim width

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HHB372 Fedora Brim Block 4" brim width, tilted down at the front and back fabulous style.

Please note most of our blocks can be created in any size so please ask if you would prefer a specific dimension and we will quote accordingly

 Pic 3   A fabulous hat created by Susie using our Fedora Brim Block and her own Crown Block to create these fabulous designs.

However we have crowns you can choose from HHB114 , HHB207, HHB215 and many more. 

Susie had always had an interest in customising and making her own clothes and being British, she had always admired the hats worn by the Royal family at major events. This natural curiosity and a creative flair compelled her to learn how to make her own hats and start her own business, Susie Barford Millinery. 

Susie likes to divide her time between her millinery studio's in Georgetown, Washington, DC and Notting Hill, London. To view more of her fabulous designs look on her  Instagram & Facebook pages or on her newly launched website.